Schedule your fundraising event at the winery.
There is no charge and
20% of wine sales are donated for the fundraising.

                                                         FUNDRAISINGS  AT THE WINERY

Children's Organ Transplant Association.     
Galileo said "Wine is sunlight held together by water" so the LivLife Team has created "A Sip of Sunlight" for the great dreamers throughout the Northwest.  Join us at
the beautiful Vartanyan Estate Winery off Mt. Baker Highway for a relaxing afternoon of wine tasting, live music and breathtaking scenery.  Local artisans will share
their wares while live musicians lift our spirits with harmonic tunes and sultry sounds.  Buy a glass and stay awhile knowing that each glass you purchase will
support children like local seven year old Olivia Cook, -the inspiration of LivLife.
LivLife was created last year when Olivia Cook of Ferndale, WA needed a lifesaving kidney transplant.  Her dad, an ideal match, was unable to donate after he was
diagnosed with two forms of cancer.  With faith in Community and the Power of Giving, LivLife was created to invite people to share their gifts to help others.  
Musicians, organizations, businesses and individuals have been joining together to celebrate life through fundraising events for the past year; so far LivLife has
raised nearly $100,000 for the Children's Organ Transplant Association*.
In a miraculous twist of fate, the LivLife Coordinator was the perfect match for living kidney donation.  After just six months of knowing each other, Olivia Cook and
Danica Kilander had a successful kidney transplant surgery in Seattle on July 14, 2010.  Since surgery, both ladies have been laughing, loving and living life to the
fullest!  Olivia has grown three inches, just finished the first grade and was even on the local soccer and gymastics teams!  Danica has returned to school to turn
LivLife into it's own non-profit to inspire people to use their gifts to help others.  
What's your part in this story?  Start small.  Join us for A Sip of Sunlight and a Taste of Hope.  Grab a glass of wine, a picnic basket and blanket.  Listen to music and
breathe in the fresh air.   Miracles happen every day.  And every day they come our way.  Are you ready?   We hope to see you Saturday, July 23rd at Vartanyan Estates
Winery 3 miles out of Bellingham, off Mt Baker Highway.
We believe that everyone has something to give.  One person can save a life.  Many together can change the world.  LivLife Today.  For more information call:
360-393-9133, email or check out
(COTA is a national non-profit that helps families like the Cooks with transplant-related expenses.  i.e. food, lodging, transportation, lost work, co-pays...etc)
June 20th,2015
2-5 p.m.
AAUW Wine Tasting Party
AAUW advances equity for women and girls through advocacy,
      education, and research.
Proceeds will help provide scholarships to women
attending Western Washington University, Whatcom
Community College, Bellingham Technical Institute
and Northwest Indian College.
Tickets $ 30 per person.

Sample Vartanyan
wines -- paired with perfect
hors d’oeuvres, chosen by AAUM
members to compliment the wines.
Buy raffle tickets for unique goody
Listen to live music.
Fundraising dinner
Friends of the Sudden Valley Library
Status of the South Whatcom Public Library
In 2008 the Friends of the Sudden Valley Library (FoSVL) was formed with the purpose of building a much needed library in
South Whatcom County. This area, from Geneva to Glenhaven, was only being served by a Bookmobile a few hours a week.
Towards this goal, the Sudden Valley Community Association generously offered to lease to the FoSVL one of the barns in
their Community Center area in which to house the library. But the Friends will need to raise approximately $350,000 for the
renovation of this facility.
Thus far, the Friends have made progress toward this goal, raising enough to start Phase I which includes permitting, tear
down, seismic mitigation, and leveling the ground. The next phase will be far more ambitious as serious construction work
begins. The following is from a recent grant report and it describes some of our recent efforts and speaks to the dedication of
our volunteers:
I believe you will be interested in the value of the many hours donated by our volunteers. As of March 1, they had donated 14,
354 volunteer hours worth $306,601 when valued @ $21.36 per hour as recommended by the Independent Sector. A large
majority of these hours have been dedicated to fund raising events. Several of our key volunteers donated many hours worth
a great deal more than $21.36.
For example our architect donated 482 hours worth $72,300 as of March 1; our project manager donated 754 hours worth
Leslie McRoberts,
Sudden Valley Barn Renovation
The South Lake Whatcom area has outgrown the limited services that a
bookmobile can provide. The community needs a full-service branch library to
serve its 9,000 residents.
The South Whatcom Public Library at Sudden Valley will be a branch of the
Whatcom County Library System housed in 6,500 square feet in the Community
Center complex in Sudden Valley.
The barn improvement project is being financed entirely through fundraising
conducted by the Friends of the Sudden Valley Library.
July 23rd
A Sip of Sunlight and a Taste of Hope!